Астана июль

Тренинг в г. Астана

Potential Exporters and Practicing Entrepreneurs Were Trained in Astana.

The modern realities of doing an export-oriented business require constant updating of theoretical knowledge in the field of international trade and their practical application. In this regard, on July 11-12 and 17-18 of this year, QazTrade and the International Trade Center continued to conduct practical training courses for entrepreneurs and trade experts in Astana as part of the «Ready4Trade-Central Asia» project funded by the European Union (EU).

Department Director of «QazTrade» JSC, PhD, Ainur Amirbekova:
«Our beginning exporters have received valuable insights into entering the international market and how to develop an effective export strategy for their company. After all, the right export strategy is of great importance already in the early stages of business development. Therefore, we organize these trainings with the active support of our partner - the International Trade Center - with financial support from the EU».

During the training, entrepreneurs, as well as specialists in the field of trade, got acquainted in detail with the basic rules for conducting international trade and the specifics of the export of Kazakhstani products to the EU. In this context, the ongoing regional courses are a unique opportunity to obtain reliable information about the various nuances of export activities and international quality and compliance requirements.

The participants of the seminars were also presented with the Kazakhstan Trade Facilitation Portal (https://https://tradeinfo.kz/?l=kk) launched in July last year. The portal serves as an information and reference tool; anyone can easily get acquainted with a step-by-step description of the export/ import and transit procedures for priority goods for Kazakhstani business in the context of Kazakhstan's trade with the EAEU countries and third countries.

In addition to regional offline seminars, the courses on trade rules can be taken online on the «QazTrade Academy» educational portal via the following link: https://www.qaztradeacademy.kz/course/info.php?id=1910.