QazTrade провели обучение финалистам проекта «Одно село – один продукт»

для курса "транзитные маршруты"

QazTrade Conducted Training for the Finalists of the “One Village – One Product” Project

QazTrade experts conducted training for the finalists of the “One Village – One Product” project. The project coordinator is NCE Atameken.

According to the managing director of NPP Atameken, Aidana Togizbayeva, the mission of the project is to stimulate business development in rural areas, improve the quality of goods, and create regional brands. The best products are selected throughout Kazakhstan through exhibitions and fairs. The project is designed until 2025.

Today, the QazTrade Center for Trade and Policy Development conducted special training for the finalists of the “One Village - One Product” project on the QazTrade Academy platform (

The speakers briefly spoke about support measures for beginning exporters. As you know, the process of entering international markets is complex and involves various barriers and requirements. These factors often become an obstacle for Kazakh enterprises seeking to start exporting their goods and services.

Today we provided participants with information about support measures, useful tools, and also explained logistics issues.

As noted by the head of the QazTrade Academy center, Ainur Amirbekova, as part of the service support measures, entrepreneurs will be able to learn the rules of export activities, receive advice and recommendations from experts, and also participate in QazTrade programs.