О курсе "транзитные маршруты"

для курса "транзитные маршруты"

QazTrade Academy launched a training course on transit routes

Last year the International Trade Center together with the Ministry of Trade and Integration and QazTrade JSC launched a series of educational courses on international trade and export for potential and existing exporters. In 2022, about 100 representatives of medium and small businesses took the courses on 4 main topics: "International Trade Rules", "Export Process", "EU Market Requirements", "Quality and Compliance".

This year a fifth course on road transit routes was added to the QazTrade Academy platform. The training course presents historically established logistic routes for exporters from Central Asia, as well as the main problems businesses face along the route of their goods and the peculiarities of the border infrastructure. The course is available for free on the educational platform www.qaztradeacademy.kz at: https://www.qaztradeacademy.kz/course/info.php?id=2177.

QazTrade Academy is a training platform that covers all areas of foreign trade activities for entrepreneurs interested in sending goods for export. The platform contains free practice-oriented courses, videos, lectures and podcasts to educate both beginners and experienced exporters.