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Curriculum on export and international trade for small and medium business ready4Trade central asia


About the Course

Prepare your business for international trade with QazTrade and the International Trade Center! We will teach you how to export , look for partners and transform your business for export!

Free courses on export and international trade for small and medium businesses are presented in two convenient formats: online courses and face-to-face instructor- led seminars.

Tuition fees and discounts

Is free


Participants will receive a certificate of completion of the program

Place and date of commencement

March 14-15


March 28-29


April 5-6


April 11-12


April 18-19


April 26-27


May 4-5


What to Expect

  • How to export goods to Europe and other countries
  • How and where to look for partners and export experts
  • How to properly prepare your business for export activities
  • Where to get the necessary certificates and the necessary documents
  • And many other important aspects of the work of international trade

Course Benefits

  • The training is led by an experienced instructor
  • Live networking and the opportunity to discuss issues with other potential and existing exporters in a group
  • All teaching materials are provided by ITC (International Trade Center)
  • Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate with online validation is issued

To better understand how you can benefit from the course, check out what some past participants had to say about their experiences in this interview.


“The new interactive format of the course facilitated the discussion of issues with specialists, including both theoretical and practical issues. The
acquired knowledge will allow us to advise enterprises on what they should expect, what points should be paid attention to during the export process.”

Alfiya Sarsenbayeva, General Director of LLP "Association of Halal Industry of Kazakhstan"

Course Design

  1. 01Rules of international trade
  2. 02Export process
  3. 03European union market requirements
  4. 04Quality and conformity


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